3 Things That You Shouldn’t Miss on a Indian Wedding

To start with, marriages are made in heaven they say. Well, yes there are absolutely right as it is supposed to be the best feeling between the duo on that auspicious day. There are a few things for which Indian weddings are known for, like the designer clothes, food, event management and many more. There are top quality fashion designer, who are specially hired for marriages. If at all you wish to learn, you can course for fashion designer online.

The Indian wedding is never a one day event, it involves a lot of rituals like haldi, mehndi, sangeet and the wedding day. The rasam involves the whole family, from dancing to praying to god, everything is done by all the family members together, which makes the wedding very special and energetic.

Cuisines: Indian people are very fond of different cuisines. The food is the main attraction of Indian weddings. The variety of dishes are kept for the guests, which includes, starters, main course, drinks, desserts and a lot more. Some weddings have special menus like jaipuri food, Chinese food, Kolkata cuisines, etc. The food is something which is given more importance.

Indian wedding involve giving gifts to newlywed and also to the relatives who are attending the wedding. The gifts include not only flowers but also household products, gold, silver, etc. It is given according to the status symbol also. It is considered as token of love and blessings by the elders.

Designer clothing: Indian weddings involve a lot of functions, so everyone tries to be different and dress according to the event, like for haldi yellow is the color, for mehndi it is green likewise. The bride and groom are also in their best and heavy attire for their special day. Malhotra’s designer garment has lot of demand and he has also started course for fashion designer in Mumbai, interested can join.

The most important thing which makes the wedding special is the gathering of the relatives, friends and other loved ones at one place at one time. This makes the wedding grand and memorable.

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