Cost-Effective way of planning a Destination Wedding

Nowadays a large number of couples are looking ad planning for some exotic locations to get their wedding in style. Now having a destination wedding has become a trend in India and can be seen influencing a lot of people all around the globe. And talking about the most popular ones for India are a beach-side wedding in Goa or a royal wedding in Rajasthan. But if not planned carefully destination wedding cost in india can become very expensive. But fortunately following certain tips and some budgeting ideas can help you bring down the costs drastically. And many of us just spend their most of time searching destination wedding cost in india, to help this out we are appending a list of the points that we can combine for you to make all the things easy.

1. Choose the location for the wedding very smartly

The most important part when it comes it to planning a wedding is first to decide where the wedding is going to take place. Look for a location that is unconventional one and we know that you will be tempted to pick up most happening place. It is important to know the location and its aspect to consider the price of venue for the destination wedding cost in india.

2. Try trimming out the guests list and choose a wedding date that is off-season

To try saving more on your wedding try getting the dates of the wedding to be during the off-season as the tariffs for the hotel and other costs will also be slashed down. Try avoiding the months of October to February and you can expect of getting some generous deals and offers. Also while you are getting your guest list ready think of the people who are in your social circle either it be co-workers and distant family members.

3. Think of getting the minimal and proper decor required for the venue

If you want to plan your wedding to be budget friendly than think of cutting the amount spent on the decor items like flowers and other things as they cost you a hell lot of money when done without taking responsibility. Thinking of choosing a property that would not require a lot of decoration to stand out and make a mark. And try booking the venue, photographers and caterers all in advance as it will not give you a load directly in terms of money.

Hope you get some ideas about planning effectively the destination wedding cost in india as it will not then become a burden for you in terms of money.

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